'We do everything correctly': Norwich takeaway handed one star hygiene rating

The Siciliano takeaway on Prince of Wales Road has been given a food hygiene rating of one. Picture:

The Siciliano takeaway on Prince of Wales Road has been given a food hygiene rating of one. - Credit: Archant

A Norwich takeaway has been handed a one-star hygiene rating, after an inspector reported that staff were not seen washing their hands. 

Siciliano pizza takeaway on Prince of Wales could face formal action if changes are not made, following a food premises inspection in July this year.

A hygiene inspector reported issues including poor cleaning and sanitation, inadequate staff hygiene and inadequate training. 

But staff at Siciliano say they do not understand why they have been slapped with such a low rating.  

Manager Waris Khan said many improvements were made to the business during lockdown, along with the purchase of new fridges and machines, and that all staff have received the correct training.

Mr Khan added that he has no recollection of the inspector’s visit. 

“For me, it’s shocking. How can they give me one star?" he said. 

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“Everywhere is clean, staff are trained. We have everything perfect. I don’t see anything wrong in the shop.” 

But the report states: “There is major non-compliance with legal requirements.  

“The contraventions require your urgent attention. A revisit is planned and formal enforcement action is likely.” 

The inspector said “staff were not seen washing their hands often enough”. 

They were also seen using poor food storage practices and poor cross-contamination practices.  

It states that food handlers were not cleaning properly, they exhibited poor food hygiene and there are no records to indicate that staff had been trained to an appropriate level - which included knowledge of allergen risks.

The inspector recommended all staff and food handlers undertake a Level 2 award in food safety in catering, as well as a thorough cleaning of the premises.

Mr Khan said his staff are well aware of the importance of food hygiene and personal cleanliness - which has been made all the more important to protect against Covid-19.  

He added: “I can’t understand it. We use gloves for food and we wash our hands every ten minutes.  

“This is ridiculous. I believe we do everything correctly. I really work hard and I look after the business.” 

To see the full hygiene rating click here.