What's on the 'unique' menu at new pop-up dining event

Photo credit Simon Finlay Photography.

John Walker pictured working at Farmyard - Credit: Simon Finlay Photography

Cod wrapped in rose petals, mushroom-stuffed chocolate bon bons with pine tree ice cream, and black pudding and gooseberry tarts will be on the menu during a pop-up culinary event. 

Chef John Walker will be hosting a series of events in Norwich to test out his culinary style in the coming weeks, before opening a restaurant next year. 

Mr Walker has worked for a series of restaurants in Norwich and across the world. 

Recently working between Farmyard in Norwich, and the Dial House at Reepham, Mr Walker will now be turning his attention to his own menus. 

He said: "I moved to Norwich when I was about 14 and then went away for six or so years to work in kitchens in London and Sweden. 

Farmyard October 2018. Photo credit ©Simon Finlay Photography.

John Walker working at Farmyard. Photo credit ©Simon Finlay Photography. - Credit: Simon Finlay Photography

"I came back to Norwich because I want to open a restaurant here - but I want to make sure my culinary offering is going to work for the city, which is why I'm hosting pop up events around the area before settling on a location."

Mr Walker's first event will be at the Connaught Kitchen in the Golden Triangle on August 21. 

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He has previously worked in Michellin-star kitchens including Tom Seller's London-based Restaurant Story. 

He added: "I just want people to leave after a meal thinking: 'That was interesting.'

"Even if it wasn't for them, I'd rather them think it was unique food then them walk away and think 'Ah, it was okay.'

"The menu will be made up of a five-course meal, all of which will be smaller but made of really exceptional quality ingredients. That's what I really want the food to be about."

He added: "The team at Farmyard have been great, I've been helping them out here and they've been teaching me some of the behind-the-scenes stuff about the financials of running a restaurant. I'm hoping to open next year."

Hannah Springham, owner of Farmyard, said: "Having a chef like John in the county is exciting for the local food scene in general, it’s brilliant that he’s picked Norfolk to be the backdrop for his first restaurant and we at Farmyard can’t wait to see what he achieves."