Gig goers finally refunded for cancelled Craig David show

Ali Pettitt, pictured inset, is among those who were affected by the events cancellations

Ali Pettitt, pictured inset, is among those who were affected by the events cancellations after the promoters company went bust - Credit: Archant/contributed

Patient customers are relieved to see money being returned to their accounts after "exceptional circumstances" saw droves of Norwich shows cancelled.

People were left out of pocket - sometimes by hundreds of pounds - having forked out for events such as Craig David before promoters M&B Promotions and Easy Ticketing went bust.

Katherine Ryan, Comedy in the Park and the Jason Manford show at Epic Studios were also scrapped.

Since then frustrated folk have struggled to obtain a refund.

Many purchased their tickets long before PayPal's 180 day policy for any disputes or cancellations.

Craig David has announced a 2021 Norwich show in Earlham Park. 

Craig David - Credit: Contributed

But there is finally a resolution in sight as PayPal has begun looking into the nature of the claims.

A PayPal spokesman said: "Given the exceptional circumstances, we have decided to accept and review Buyer Protection claims after the 180-day deadline for customers who used PayPal to pay Simple Ticketing for tickets.

"We will be using our discretion to make goodwill refunds to customers who have eligible claims under the terms of the Buyer Protection programme.

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"We will be contacting customers who have already made a claim, including those whose claims we previously rejected as beyond the 180-day deadline. We will also consider further claims." 

The company thanked customers for their patience.

Megan Drewery, who works as a contact centre manager in Norwich, had tickets for both Craig David and Comedy in the Park in August through M&B Promotions.

Thankfully she's had some good news this week, she explained: "PayPal has emailed me, reviewed the case and it seems they have refunded me.

"They are also investigating other requests." 

But those who paid by credit card or debit card have not been so fortunate. 

Beverly Easter, who had tickets to see Craig David, said: "I'm afraid I gave up. I went through it all by credit card and debit card bills and just couldn’t find it.

"I didn’t feel I had anywhere to start."

Ali and Adrian Pettitt, owners of Pettitt and Boo in Norwich, also remain £85.80 out of pocket after hoping to see Katherine Ryan.

Ali Pettitt, co-owner of Pettitt and Boo in Norwich

Ali Pettitt, co-owner of Pettitt and Boo in Norwich - Credit: Contributed

Mrs Pettitt said: "Unfortunately we paid by bank debit card and not via Paypal. The whole thing is a disgrace."