New network launched for entrepreneurial city women

A Norfolk Women's Marketing Network meet up event

A Norfolk Women's Marketing Network meet up event - Credit: Norfolk Women's Marketing Network

Entrepreneurial women who felt isolated during lockdown have been invited to take advantage of a new networking group.

Grace Appleby, 23, has always been determined to work in marketing in Norwich and knew networking would be the key to unlocking the market. 

So she launched Norfolk Women's Marketing Network. 

She said: “Norfolk Women's Marketing Network was an idea I had having worked in-house in a company and spent six months as the only 'marketing brain'.  

"I found the experience could be a bit isolating and lonely if you don't have a support network.  

“I saw that there was a need for a community where like-minded folks could discuss ideas and share their experiences with each other.” 

Norfolk Women's Marketing Network

Norfolk Women's Marketing Network run events for like-minded women - Credit: Grace Appleby

She added: “Marketing is constantly evolving. There's undeniable value in having peers to ask questions to and bounce ideas off of.” 

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She added: “Being a woman in any industry carries its own challenges.

"As women we can relate to each other's experiences in a way that our male colleagues cannot, despite their best intentions.” 

NWM Network now runs monthly networking events and social meetups in Norfolk, with the common values of: connect, share and empower. 

The events will feature talks from women and skill-share sessions for all that attend. 

The group also hopes to create a community blog through the website where women can submit articles on things they’re passionate about. 

The organisation is for women only, however, they do welcome anybody who identifies as woman or femme.  

Norfolk Women's Marketing Network

The events that Norfolk Women's Marketing Network run will include special talks - Credit: Dalia Courridge

And as long as people have an interest or work in marketing they are welcome to join the community.  

All of the company's social media accounts can be found by searching ‘Norfolk Women’s Marketing Network'.  

Alternatively, you can contact Grace directly at

Grace went on: "Norfolk Women's Marketing Network is a space a lot of us have longed for - I hope we can do it justice!" 

Norfolk Women's Marketing Network

The community is open to anyone that identifies as female. - Credit: Grace Appleby

 You can find out more by visiting the Norfolk Women's Marketing Network website.