Norwich's Disney store to close within days

Chantry Place, Norwich Pictures: BRITTANY WOODMAN

Norwich's Disney store is located within the Chantry Place shopping centre. - Credit: Archant

Norwich’s Disney Store will close its doors for the last time “on or before” Wednesday, August 11, according to a sign in the shop’s window.

The closure comes along with every other Disney store in the UK by September of this year, with the exception of the company’s flagship shop on London’s Oxford Street. 

Disney will continue to sell its merchandise to UK customers via its website. 

Some 13,400 people have signed an online petition calling for the stores to remain open.

The petition reads: “These stores are our gateway to the magical world of Disney. It allows the people of the UK to experience the Disney magic first hand!”

The petition’s author adds: “We can't let these magical places disappear. It would be a crime not only to ourselves but to all the children who can't experience this magic.”