'Strength to strength' - vegan bakery celebrates 10 year anniversary

deerly beloved bakery

Kayleigh Baddeley-Read, who set up Deerly Beloved Bakery back in 2011. - Credit: Kayleigh Baddeley-Read

A vegan bakery, which has been delighting customers in Norwich and further afield is celebrating its 10-year anniversary.

Deerly Beloved Bakery, is the brainchild of Kayleigh Baddeley-Read, 35, who set up the vegan bakery service in 2011 on Turner Road in Norwich and first started by delivering vegan cakes to a city bookshop.

Since then, Mrs Baddeley-Read has made vegan products for weddings, birthdays and other special events.

vegan products

Some of the vegan products that Kayleigh makes. - Credit: Kayleigh Baddeley-Read

Deerly Beloved Bakery was one of the first vegan bakeries in the city when it was first founded and for Mrs Baddeley-Read she reflected on how far she has come.

She said: "When I started there were no vegan bakeries in Norwich so to see how far my business is grown is just fantastic.

"With climate change now a huge talking point and the impact meat consumption is having on our environment, people are more conscious about what they eat.

"It's great to see how my business has adapted and changed since it was founded."

deerly beloved bakery

Kayleigh started her business from scratch back in 2011. - Credit: Kayleigh Baddeley-Read

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When Mrs Baddeley-Read set up the business in 2011, she started from scratch, coming from a retail background.

She pitched ideas to various cafes in Norwich about selling her vegan produce and slowly but surely her business launched.

She said: "I really feel it has grown from strength to strength since opening.

"My passion has always been cooking and it is great that I can continue to spend time doing something I love.

"When the pandemic hit though I really had to start thinking about how I could adapt the business.

"Suddenly overnight I had lost my client base of cafes, wedding venues and other places which had closed.

"Luckily my customer client base stayed loyal to me throughout the pandemic and I was still able to deliver my products."


One of the many vegan cakes that Kayleigh bakes fresh. - Credit: Kayleigh Baddeley-Read

One of Mrs Baddeley-Read's favourite aspects of starting her business is the support she has received from customers throughout the years.

She said: "People keep coming back for more because there is definitely demand for freshly made bespoke vegan products.

"As other vegan based companies have opened we have all supported one another fully and it is just such a wonderful community."