Tesco launches new rapid delivery service in Norwich

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Tesco is partnering with Uber Eats to launch their rapid delivery in Norwich - Credit: PA

Tesco's new rapid grocery delivery service in partnership with Uber Eats has officially launched in Norwich.

Uber Eats couriers will now deliver Tesco products ordered via the supermarket’s "Whoosh" service.

The app aims to deliver food and drinks in under 60 minutes and now covers 200 Express Stores across the UK.

Participating Norwich stores are Tesco Expresses in Earlham Road, Grove Road, Magdalen Road, and Plumstead Road.

Supermarkets are cashing in on the demand for rapid delivery that grew during the pandemic, with many signing up to food delivery platforms, including Uber Eats and Deliveroo.

Unlike other supermarkets using third party platforms, Tesco has launched its own.

Fees for deliveries are higher than those made via its traditional online grocery service.

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A spokesman for Tesco said: “As we work to make Tesco Whoosh available to more customers, we are pleased to partner with Uber to help us deliver the same Tesco quality and value, all within the hour.”