Norwich's independent stores as you've never seen them before

Harriet Spalding with her window display at Thorns in Norwich

Harriet Spalding with her window display at Thorns in Norwich - Credit: Hattie's Prints

It's an advent calendar with a difference... A Norwich illustrator has created 24 designs featuring the city's independent businesses, as well as a few of its flagship sites.

The images have been produced by Harriet Spalding, 22, who has been sharing them on her Instagram page.

The Assembly House in Theatre Street

The Assembly House in Theatre Street - Credit: Hattie's Prints

Miss Spalding graduated from Norwich Arts University in 2020, having studied graphic design.

She works as a designer in Norwich and creates illustrations as a way of relaxing in the evenings and weekends. She then sells the images through her business, Hattie's Prints.

She decided to draw storefronts of independent businesses as a challenge to herself: "I'd just started to get into illustrating and I wanted to set myself a project. I wanted something I could work to and 24 seemed like a nice number.

Lisa Angel in Lower Goat Lane

Lisa Angel in Lower Goat Lane - Credit: Hattie's Prints

"I also wanted to use styles and mediums that were different from what I normally do."

Since starting her prints business Miss Spalding has become interested in others like her who run small-scale firms, and has become passionate about encouraging people to shop locally.

Jarrold in London Street

Jarrold in London Street - Credit: Hattie's Prints

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"I'd got really into independent shops and there are so many great ones in Norwich," Miss Spalding said.

Harriet Spalding

Harriet Spalding - Credit: Harriet Spalding

"I wanted to include the big ones, like Jarrold and the Assembly House, and then added my favourites. I posted about it on Instagram and other people recommended the ones they like."

Miss Spalding's 24 Norwich independent illustrations are currently being displayed in the window at Thorns.

Fra.kost in St Augustines Gate

Fra.kost in St Augustines Gate - Credit: Hattie's Prints

"As I was illustrating Thorns a few months ago, they got in touch and said they'd love to have them all in their window.

"It's really exciting, it's so nice to hear that people like them.

Korfa in Norwich

Korfa in Norwich - Credit: Hattie's Prints

"I might make them into something afterward, like a calendar. And next year I might do another similar project with a different theme."

The 24 prints are all available on Hattie's Prints' website or on Instagram via @hattiesprints. The prints are 21cm x 21cm and are £12 each.