What a Boost - chocolate box business thrives amid demand for postal treats

Jordan Copland from Flash Treats standing at his warehouse, with boxes of sweets and chocolates behind him.

Jordan Copland, founder of Flash Treats, which is based in Norwich. - Credit: Flash Treats/Chris Harvey Visuals

A chocolate and sweet gift box business based in Norwich has boomed since starting in the first lockdown, as customers look to treat their friends and family.

Jordan Copland, 28, launched Flash Treats in April, when the first lockdown began and people were keen to find ways to support those they could no longer spend time with.

A white gift box filled with chocolate bars from Flash Treats in Norwich.

One of the boxes from Flash Treats. - Credit: Flash Treats/Chris Harvey Visuals

He said it was a small-scale operation to begin with, but caught the attention of shoppers all over the country.

Now, he has five members of staff, a 3,000-square foot warehouse on the Sweet Briar Industrial Estate and sells more than 150 boxes a day.

Having previously focused on selling sports gear, he began offering food, including crisps and herbs, when lockdown was introduced.

A selection of chocolate bars laid out over a table.

Some of the treats available from Flash Treats.  - Credit: Flash Treats/Chris Harvey Visuals

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But it was the boxes that really took off - and they now have more than 100 different chocolate treats to choose from, which can be added into choose-your-own boxes.

There are also options for vegans and children, as well as a protein box for the health-conscious.

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He said: "I had the existing infrastructure in place to be able to offer people the chance to easily shop for and send through the post the very giftable item of a chocolate goodies box. The growth of the business has been amazing – when we started, we offered just one gift box and were selling just a couple of units per day.

"Now, we have 17 different gift boxes and are selling around 155 boxes a day. Over the last few months we’ve added to our range, to include a whole selection of sweets too."

Mr Copland, who lives in Norwich, said a focus had been the 'unboxing experience' - a term used by the retail industry to describe the first impression a customer has when first opening, and unboxing, a product.

With families separated for special occasions and a trip to the shops not as accessible, postal - and letterbox - gifts have risen in popularity around the country.

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