CityFibre anger as drills can be heard in Hellesdon until 10.30pm

CityFibre blocked Amber Raven getting into her driveway and then kept her 15 month old son awake

CityFibre blocked Amber Raven getting into her driveway and then kept her 15 month old son awake until 10.30pm with the sound of drilling that shook her home. - Credit: Amber Raven

People living in Hellesdon have had more issues with the CityFibre works as drilling goes on until 10.30pm.  

Residents have been making complaints as work seems to start later in the day and goes on until very late.  

One woman said she lives so close it feels like the drill is shaking her home, and it’s been disturbing her 15-month-old child.  

Amber Raven, 30 said that on Wednesday, May 25 the drilling outside her home on Reepham Road did not stop until 10pm.  

She said: “When I asked the workers why it was going on so late, they told me it was pre planned, but none of us have had any prior warning. 

“They have blocked my driveway for the best part of two weeks with no warning also, it’s annoying not to be told anything.” 

Amber said her main problem is the late-night drilling because her 15-month-old is unable to get to sleep, and he just seems distressed.  

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The PA at Norfolk and Norwich Hospital said: “They just seem to be working all over Hellesdon, it would be easier to get bits done first then move on to somewhere else, I think people would be more accepting with this and some warning.” 

County Councillor for Hellesdon, Shelagh Gurney said: “I have requested a Norfolk County Council Highways officer investigate the claims that they were working until 10.30pm.  

“They were certainly working at 9pm because I saw them on Reepham Road, I await a response.” 

Charles Kitchin, CityFibre's Area Manager for Norwich, said: "We are investing £50m to transform Norwich's digital capabilities with our full fibre network, bringing the best available digital connectivity to almost every home and business in the city.  

“This is a major undertaking and we are working closely with Norfolk County Council's Highways team to ensure all works are completed as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

"To minimise disruption to traffic during the daytime, we are required to carry out works on carriageway crossings at night, from 7pm-11pm, in line with local regulations.  

“We always endeavour to manage disruption when carrying out works and want to thank Norwich residents for their patience as we future-proof the city's digital infrastructure for decades to come."