Meet the 'experimental crumpetier' who baked 41,000 crumpets in 18 months

Katrina Ajomale and crumpets

Katrina Ajomale has baked around 41,000 crumpets since launching her business in lockdown - Credit: Katrina Ajomale

A woman who started making crumpets in lockdown has now baked more than 41,000 of the breakfast bites after her business took off. 

Katrina Ajomale was travelling before lockdown with her partner when the pair began missing the classic British food. 

So upon returning home and finding herself out of work, Kat began baking crumpets for friends as well as selling a few.

Berry crumpets from the Crumpetorium

Berry crumpets from the Crumpetorium - Credit: Katrina Ajomale

Now, the experimental crumpetiering company is stocked across the city as well as in artisan stores in London and Cornwall. 

All baked from her home in NR3, Kat makes droves of crumpets by hand every day ranging in everything from an original flavour to a mince pie Christmas special and blue cheese. 

She said: "Never in a million years did I think I'd end up with a potentially full time business just because I missed crumpets while I was abroad. 

Toffee crumpets from the crumpetorium

Toffee crumpets from the crumpetorium - Credit: Katrina Ajomale

"I've been so surprised by how well it's gone down but people seem to really like them. A lot of people have never tried sweet crumpets but when they try it they love it, so I think that's really driven demand." 

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Next year she'll also be bringing back a summer feta cheese and sun-dried tomato crumpet as well as experimenting with a pumpkin-spiced crumpet in autumn. 

She added: "I think my favourite is the chocolate chip. The chocolate orange also sells really well and the original. 

Mince pie crumpets from the Crumpetorium

Mince pie crumpets from the Crumpetorium - Credit: Katrina Ajomale

"To come up with new flavours it's kind of based on what I enjoy as well as suggestions from friends. For example the chocolate orange was something my friend wanted to try and then it worked really well. 

"The issue you have with cheese for example is that depending on the texture you can lose the bubbles in the batter - so it's all about balance."

Baking crumpets at the Crumpetorium

Baking crumpets at the Crumpetorium - Credit: Katrina Ajomale

Currently Kat is working on the business three days a week - as well as evenings and weekends - as well as working two days a week in marketing and graphic design. 

Ginger and chocolate crumpets

Ginger and chocolate crumpets - Credit: Katrina Ajomale

She said: "I'd really love to bring someone else into the business who can make the crumpets. Currently if I'm ill it's a bit of a nightmare because I have to cancel orders so it'd be good to have that support so I can work on growing the business behind the scenes." 

Katrina Ajomale bakes crumpets from her home in NR3

Katrina Ajomale bakes crumpets from her home in NR3 - Credit: Katrina Ajomale

Savory crumpets

Savory crumpets - Credit: Katrina Ajomale

Sweet treats from the Crumpetorium

Sweet treats from the Crumpetorium - Credit: Katrina Ajomale

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