Here's how you can plant trees and save the world - just by walking

The Treekly team say they are hoping to help reforest Madagascar through their app 

The Treekly team say they are hoping to help reforest Madagascar through their app - Credit: Treekly

A Norwich business is hoping to help save the world 5000 steps at a time.

Last month Jon Bunning and Keith Mortimer released their tree-planting app Treekly.

Free to download, it automatically counts steps on the user's smartphone, and plants a mangrove tree in Madagascar on their behalf when they achieve the Treekly Challenge of walking 5000 steps, five days a week.

Soon it will be compatible with Fitbit. 

According to the founders, nearly 100,000 trees have already been planted, with the Treekly community collectively walking over 400 million steps since the app's launch.

Mr Mortimer said: "It's clear more people want to help combat the climate crisis. They just don't know how to.

"Combining a low carbon activity, such as walking, with tree planting is a great way for people to get involved — and a daily reminder to get some fresh air and stay active."

An Indri lemur in the rainforest of Madagascar (Picture: BBC)

An Indri lemur in the rainforest of Madagascar (Picture: BBC) - Credit: PA

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Jon Bunning echoed his business partner.

He explained: "For me, it's about the green legacy.

"I want to be able to look my children and grandchildren in the eye and say I tried my best to fight climate change.

"The world is transitioning to net-zero, so now isn't the time for tokenism when it comes to our behaviours.

"Madagascar has suffered badly from deforestation and its environment has been impoverished as a result.

"Eventually we're hoping to expand into more places such as Haiti and Kenya."

The pair, whose offices are in Colegate in the city, said that in the course of a 25-year life span, a single mangrove tree can remove 308kg of CO2 from the atmosphere.

But because we can't wait around for 25 years for the tree to have its desired effect, they said Treekly uses a CO2 value of 50kg per tree planted over eight years.

This, they explained, aligns with scientists' rallying calls that we need to take urgent action which will have an effect before 2030.

The reason for choosing Moraharivo in Madagascar is down to the fact more than 90pc of its original forests have been destroyed.

Treekly have a five-year partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects who manage the site - as well as eight others across the world.

You can download Treekly on the App Store and Play Store.