Meet city kid Evie, 9, who runs her own owl business

Evie Forsdick owns her own business 'Evies Owls' at age 9. 

Evie, 9, and her owls will be out and about in Norwich for a Harry Potter-themed event this weekend - Credit: Cherished Moments Photography

Wannabe witches and wizards might dream of a life like Harry Potter's. 

But nine-year-old Evie-Grace Forsdick can always find a touch of magic at home thanks to her menagerie of pet owls. 

The city kid runs her own business, Evie's Owls, with the help of her dad Mark. 

Evie loves her owls and trains them all herself. 

Evie loves her owls and trains them all herself. - Credit: Cherished Moments Photography

He said: "Evie first got her interest in owls from a book I used to read her. It was about three baby owls. 

"We got Evie her first owl about 18 months ago. His name is Bill. 

“She got him, raised him and trained him from a tiny chick.”

But it was when Evie and Bill began to head out that the pair realised they could do more with their bond. 

Oscar Parke, age 8 got to experience Evies owl in a photoshoot 

Oscar Parke, aged eight, got to experience Evie's owls in a photoshoot - Credit: Cherished Moments Photography

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Mark explained: "When Evie started to fly Bill around Costessey people started to notice. They'd ask for photos and whether or not they could hold him. 

"Then someone asked if Bill and Evie could come to a birthday party. I thought it'd never work because of licenses but after a quick Google it was actually pretty easy.

“We then got signs, business cards and flyers printed and Evie's Owls was launched." 

Evie modelling for a witch shoot with one of her owls 

Evie modelling as a Hogwarts student with one of her owls - Credit: Cherished Moments Photography

Evie and her five owls now do special visits to celebrations and make news deliveries, as well as doing photo shoots, weddings and much more.  

As well as Bill, Evie has Sarah, Hoot, African-spotted owlet Midnight and eagle owl Frankie. 

But Evie's next event will be a special one, and will be heading to the streets of Norwich to spread the joy. 

The idea came after a photo shoot with Chloe Gillian from Cherished Moments Photography, based on Sprowston Road in NR3.

Mark explained: "We had a Harry Potter-themed photo shoot and the photos were just amazing. 

"It was so good that we wanted to make it more of an experience for everyone. So on Sunday we'll be taking the owls, and a couple of young witches and wizards, into Norwich to meet the public." 

Oscar Parke aged 8 with one of Evie's Owls.

Oscar Parke with one of Evie's owls. - Credit: Cherished Moments Photography

Cherished Moments Photography will be taking photographs during the afternoon. 

You can meet the owls in Tombland from around 3pm.

Will you be heading out to see them?

For more information visit Instagram: @cherishedmoments_bychloe @evies_owls