New yoga studio opens in Norwich

Norwich Yoga Central

One of Norwich Yoga Central's yoga studios - Credit: Colette Fountain

A new yoga studio has opened in Norwich city centre.

Norwich Yoga Central on Orford Place has two yoga studios, changing rooms, toilets, and a wellness room offering treatments.

Tess Bickerstaff has opened the studio and said: “The social media response has been great. I’ve had people in every class”.

Norwich Yoga Central

Norwich Yoga Central - Credit: Colette Fountain

She qualified in 2016 to cope with “the kind of stress that makes you sick”.

Ms Bickerstaff also suffered two major motorbike accidents, breaking most of the right side of her body which has caused her pain for 20 years, problems only fixed by yoga.

She said: “The best part is the mental health," adding that yoga: “Calmed my mental health down”.

“Yoga affected every area of my life: physically, mentally and soulfully. It rewires you to reveal a better version”.

Norwich Yoga Central

Owner of Norwich Yoga Central, Tess Bickerstaff - Credit: Colette Fountain

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Ms Bickerstaff recommends the Hatha class for beginners, or a six-week course which costs £65. She said: “You don’t have to be spiritual, yoga is for everyone, that’s what is so great about it”.

She has also seen an increase in male yogis, adding “Everyone was trying everything in lockdown; there was a massive uptake”.

Ms Bickerstaff was inspired to open a studio in Norwich because of her love for the city, saying: “I’ve walked these streets since I was 11. This is my gift back to Norwich. It’s my home, I love this city”.

Norwich Yoga Central

The Wellness Room in Norwich Yoga Central - Credit: Colette Fountain

Her overall mission statement is: “To support mental health in a loving environment. It’s a community. A family. It allows you to connect with people. It allows you to recognise the world is bigger than yourself.

“My dream is to see this place buzzing with people - to see it being used for wellness," adding: “Yoga has kept me young, I’m 50 years old and have just passed my surf certificate”.

For her, yoga is an obvious solution for those suffering both physically and mentally, and the results were clear to see. Ms Bickerstaff found joy in the simple act of doing yoga, something she hopes to share with the people of Norwich.