Frozen daquiris and flower walls: New cocktail bar comes to city

Richard Chisnell

Richard Chisnell is aiming to planning the Sherbet Lemon towards the end of the month - Credit: Archant

Frozen daquiris, ice lolly and sweet-themed cocktails will be on the menu at a new bar opening in the Prince of Wales Road. 

Sherbet Lemon is the latest launch coming to the city centre street with plans to add another higher-quality offering. 

The site is being opened by the same team behind the neighbouring business, the Fat Fox Pizza Den, with owner Richard Chisnell at the helm. 

He said: "Prince of Wales is becoming a bit higher end with the new bars and cafes opening, and I wanted to be a part of that. Fat Fox Pizza Den was absolutely crazy in lockdown because no one could go out to eat which is how I've managed to open this new business next door. 

Work in progress at the Sherbet Lemon in Prince of Wales Road

Work in progress at the Sherbet Lemon in Prince of Wales Road - Credit: Archant

"I've completely ripped the former bar out and have given it a total makeover. It was really important to me that this was a place which feels really welcoming and safe - especially for women.

"We're going to have fake grass on the floor, picnic tables, flowers hanging from the ceiling, as well as the basics like really nice toilets. 

"I want it to have a similar feel to East London bars - not sticky floors and dingy rooms like you might have found before.

Behind the scenes at the renovation of the Sherbet Lemon

Behind the scenes at the renovation of the Sherbet Lemon - Credit: Archant

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"I'm also working on some fun cocktails - some with ice lollies stuck in them, as well as frozen daquiris and sweet-themed cocktails like cola bottles and strawberry laces.

"I know that offerings like this need to be unique so I've tried to come up with Instagram-friendly drinks that will stand out from the other bars in this area." 

In total Mr Chisnell will spend around £10,000 on the renovations and new equipment, as he will also be converting a downstairs seating area and a garden before the summer is out. 

In addition he'll be selling the Fat Fox's pizzas to customers.

Work in progress at the Sherbet Lemon

Work in progress at the Sherbet Lemon - Credit: Archant

Currently plans will see the venue opening on June 27, however these might be pushed back if the June 21 restriction easing does not go ahead. 

"I want people to experience the bar for the first time as they would in normal times - able to watch their drinks being made and have a dance," he said. 

Mr Chisnell is also recruiting for staff and asks applicants to apply via Sherbet Lemon's facebook page.