Feel like royalty at vintage store's 'Queen's Boudoir' pop-up shop

Wednesday, March 2. Amanda, of Lady B Loves.

A city vintage store is hosting a jubilee pop-up. Pictured: Amanda of Lady B Loves - Credit: Kate Wolstenholme

A city vintage store is hosting a jubilee pop-up event to help customers "feel like royalty".

Lady B Loves Boutique in the Royal Arcade is welcoming Wake Up Little Susie for a regal pop-up called The Queen's Boudoir.

The two-week event held on the store's upper floor will showcase both companies' jubilee-inspired lines in honour of the Queen's 70 years on the throne.

Lady B Loves will be displaying its Jubilee Classics collection including dresses and shoes.

Wake Up Little Susie will be selling vintage nightwear and lingerie from decades of the Queen's reign, such as lace bed jackets and silky robes.

There will also be a selection of accessories, jewellery, hats, gloves, and scarves on offer aiming to give customers the "jubilee look".

The Queen's Boudoir will be open from Monday, May 30, to Sunday, June 12, during the store's regular hours.

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