How local businesses can help NARS save lives

NARS paramedics Holly Biss and Nick Boydd

NARS paramedics Holly Biss and Nick Boydd, whose life-saving work is dependent on donations from local individuals and businesses - Credit: Daniel Lightening Photography

Fundraising manager Jess Moses explains how local businesses can get involved to help Norfolk Accident Rescue Service (NARS) deliver its life-saving service.  

NARS fundraising manager Jess Moses

NARS fundraising manager Jess Moses - Credit: Daniel Lightening Photography

Norfolk Accident Rescue Service (NARS) is a local charity with a specialised team of volunteers on call to provide critical care at the scene of life-threatening medical emergencies within minutes of a 999 call. NARS clinicians are equipped to administer advanced pre-hospital care that traditional ambulance services cannot provide, thereby increasing patients’ chances of survival. 

“The impact that NARS has on the community is huge,” says fundraising manager Jess Moses. “We have a team of voluntary clinicians who are made up of paramedics, doctors, nurses and first responders who give up their spare time to help people in an emergency.  

“If someone is having a cardiac arrest, there could be a NARS first responder in their local village who is able to reach them in their time of need.” 

Local businesses can also do their part to safeguard the wellbeing of the Norfolk community by getting involved. NARS is encouraging local organisations to do what they can to help the medical charity continue to provide its indispensable service.   

“NARS has supported the Norfolk community since 1970,” Jess says. “In that time, we have been lucky to work alongside some of Norfolk's great businesses.” 

The charity does not receive any government funding and relies entirely on the generosity of the community it serves to stay operational. And with the Covid-19 pandemic having a detrimental impact on fundraising activities, corporate sponsorship is more important than ever. 

“There are many ways that local businesses can get involved, such as hosting a fundraising event, choosing us for your match-funding allowance or nominating NARS as your company’s charity of the year,” Jess says. “Whatever you choose to do, it will have a direct influence on our ability to save lives. We can support your fundraising activities and there is plenty of opportunity to get involved with NARS events, too.” 

The charity can also provide a staff presentation about its work either online or in person from the NARS headquarters in Dereham. Partnering businesses will have the opportunity to attend the NARS Birthday Ball on Saturday, October 30 at Dunston Hall. 

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However, Jess says that it is not just through financial contributions that local businesses can support NARS. 

“We appreciate that some local businesses may not have lots of funds available, so businesses could also help us provide support through their own services,” she says. “For example, if a car garage wanted to support us, they could offer us discounted MOTs and servicing of our vehicles.” 

Smarter Metering Services, for example, donated an emergency response vehicle, and provides ongoing support via vehicle repairs, maintenance and running costs. 

“Our CEO Tom Ward was aware of NARS’ work following a personal accident in 2016,” says Smarter Metering Services’ Suzanne Collins. “However, during the Covid-19 pandemic it became clear that NARS needed more help in order to continue to support the NHS and offer critical care in the area. 

“The expertise of our own fleet department meant the donation of a vehicle was a key area where we could support NARS on an ongoing basis. As a business we promote NARS fundraising schemes and hope to remain involved to attend and contribute to future fundraising events and opportunities moving forward. 

The NARS emergency response vehicle donated by Smarter Metering Services

The NARS emergency response vehicle donated by Smarter Metering Services - Credit: Vehicle Livery Solutions

“There is a huge sense of pride across the business in supporting them and hearing about the incredible stories of lives saved and care given in the local area,” Suzanne says. “I would encourage other businesses to offer their support in whatever way they can and be a part of a growing network of people doing incredibly important work.” 

NARS invites local businesses to think creatively about how they might be able to assist. 

“We want to encourage businesses that want to do something charitable and want to support their local community, to use whatever means they have to help us,” says Jess. “The community of Norfolk must huddle together and support one another. Businesses that sponsor us are contributing towards a life-saving service. 

“If your business wants to do something good for the Norfolk community, please get in touch or visit our website to find out more about who we are and what we do.” 

For more information, please email or visit 

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