Punching bag company started in Norfolk during lockdown

Heavy Hitters

One of Heavy Hitters' bags in use - Credit: Heavy Hitters

A company making water-filled punching bags which launched in lockdown are now eying a European expansion. 

Heavy Hitters was founded by Gregg Witherington, from Norfolk, 18 months ago as a response to lockdown.

He said: “It was started during the pandemic so I wasn’t just stuck at home”.

The company specialises in aqua bags - punching bags made from commercial vinyl and filled with water.

These bags offer several benefits over traditional leather bags, Marketing Manager Will Spalding says: “Aqua bags are easier on the wrists, more realistic and softer meaning you can do a longer workout than with leather”. He added: “They are also easier to transport, you just drain them and fill them up as needed.

“They can be used indoors and outdoors because the vinyl is waterproof making it more COVID-secure, especially for gyms”.

Heavy Hitters

Owner, Mr Witherington, says “The punching bags builds confidence for women in particular”. - Credit: Heavy Hitters

These bags proved popular in lockdown with Mr Witherington saying “It provides stress relief and builds confidence for women in particular”.

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Since opening, Mr Witherington has seen “a big change in demographics, which surprised me quite a bit; female boxing has grown massively and now makes up 35-40pc of the business”

They offer several sizes of their aqua bag, from, the smallest at 16 inches to the largest at 22 inches.

The bags are suitable for “all sorts of different people for all sorts of different reasons” with the smaller bags being better for “bobbing and weaving, and good for cardio”.

Heavy Hitters

Heavy Hitters - Credit: Heavy Hitters

Heavy Hitters also donate their bags, working closely with Broadside Warriors Boxing to provide opportunities for young people, something Mr Witherington says “is part of giving something back” as “boxing can really help people that are struggling”.

Their next project is the Heavy Hitters Academy, a web resource “to encourage people to get involved with boxing as even a 20-minute workout can leave you feeling mentally recharged”. This will include videos, printout guides, and tutorials from a range of professionals to help encourage beginners.

The company hopes to expand into other countries in the near future, having just been granted the right to trade in France.