Fitness guru believes lockdown helped business boom

Rich Fisher, a personal trainer in Norwich 

Rich Fisher, a personal trainer in Norwich - Credit: Fisher Fitness Coaching

A personal trainer has hailed lockdowns as the reason for his recent success.

Rich Fisher, 35, of Fisher Fitness Coaching, saw a surge in popularity during the pandemic for his online coaching business.

Mr Fisher said: "The business helps busy, career-driven professionals who aren't happy with how they look to get happier, healthier and stronger and provide them with the tools to effectively do that.

"Online coaching offers support and accountability compared to face-to-face with online allowing for bespoke nutritional and training plans to be completed in their own time.

"They can do the training when and wherever they like with me for support."

Norwich personal trainer Rich Fisher 

Norwich personal trainer Rich Fisher - Credit: Fisher Fitness Coaching

The fitness business flourished during lockdown due to people spending all their time at home and putting a greater emphasis on taking control of their fitness and health. 

And now the firm has been nominated for a gong at England's Business Awards. 

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He said: "It wasn't easy but I invested a lot of time and money in my education.

"I studied a lot of business and nutrition courses, ways to build muscle and read a lot of scientific papers on nutrition and weight loss in order to help the clients as well as studying networking online."

Rich Fisher in studious mode away from the weights 

Rich Fisher in studious mode away from the weights - Credit: Fisher Fitness Coaching

The coaching company has flourished since then with more than 100 people passing through the training since the pandemic as it continues to grow.

Mr Fisher said the goal moving forward is to "split in person and online coaching", with his ambition being to hire new coaches and mentors to work under the company brand.

The business plan for the future is to build up the online client base to 35.

The personal trainer attributes his success to his hard work and dedication during lockdown as he said he invested large amounts of money over that time to allow his fitness expedition to expand.

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