Drinkers and footie fans urged to 'behave' after shop window smashed

Marius Munteanu (inset) owner of Above the Fringe (pictured)

Marius Munteanu, owner of Above the Fringe, was disappointed to find his salon window smashed when staff arrived for work on Monday. - Credit: Marius Munteanu

Revellers have been asked to remain respectful ahead of England's crunch match, after a shopkeeper had to fork out hundreds to repair a smashed window.

Marius Munteanu's staff arrived at Above the Fringe hair salon on Monday to find one of their brand new windows smashed, having only been open a matter of months. 

Mr Munteanu, who works in mental health for the NHS, invested between £5,000 and £10,000 in reopening the business in new premises this March. 

But having checked his site at 8pm on Saturday, between then and Monday morning he incurred £300 worth of damage to the front of his salon. 

Having checked CCTV, Mr Munteanu cannot identify the exact individual who caused the damage, and has chosen to pay the costs instead of reporting the issue to insurers and the police.

He said: "I don't know whether it was people out drinking on Saturday night or whether it was people after the football on Sunday, but it's really disappointing. If anyone knows what happened I'd ask them to get in touch and show a bit of humanity. I know it's a bit of a long shot, but it's the decent thing to do.

"I am nervous that this could happen again but we've got to be positive. At the moment I can't even look at the news because of how many businesses are closing after they year we've had, and there's always a worry that you'll be next. We've already got issues with short staffing and now this. You don't expect it in a city like Norwich."

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And with a major England match just around the corner, the Norwich BID has reminded people to stay sensible with their celebrations. 

Stefan Gurney, chief executive of the BID, said: "After a challenging eighteen months, especially for our local businesses, it’s wonderful to once again be able to enjoy everything Norwich has to offer, from the shops to the pubs.

"We have had some anti-social behaviour and damage to venues, so we would ask everyone to support their local businesses and act with consideration."