Parents launch eco-friendly toddler and baby brand

Laura and Scott Wright have launched Little Blue

Laura and Scott Wright have launched Little Blue - Credit: The Wrights

A mum and dad have said a love of their children has inspired their new baby and toddler brand.

Little Blue was founded by Sprowston parents Laura and Scott Wright after the birth of their second child August, after they couldn't find any products which ticked every box for them. 

Mrs Wright explained: "We wanted something sustainable and high quality, but also something that was in-keeping with an adult house instead of really bright and garish. 

Designs from Little Blue

Designs from Little Blue - Credit: Little Blue

"So when we launched Little Blue we wanted to create products which were still fun and colourful but which were also sustainable and looked really nice." 

The pair have created a range of products from weaning spoons to posters. 

Mrs Wright said: "My husband is a graphic designer so we've designed all of the products ourselves. We then send the designs off to our manufacturer who sens us back samples before running production."

The products are all made of high-grade silicone, but the brand will be running a recycling operation for products which are no longer needed. 

Little Blue spoons

Little Blue spoons - Credit: Little Blue

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The mum-of-three explained: "Silicone isn't as easily recyclable as other materials so we wanted to offer people the opportunity to bring their products in at the end of their usage so we can make sure they are appropriately disposed of. 

"Silicone is made of sand - which isn't going to run out any time soon - but we knew it was hard to get rid of, so we wanted to make sure the product was sustainable from beginning to end." 

Little Blue sunglasses

Little Blue sunglasses - Credit: Little Blue

Their products have been put onto the shelves of three independent shops this month: The Garnet Lifestore, Flicka and Bear in Unthank Road. 

She said: "What's great is that each of our stockists have selected different products to carry so you'll find something different in every store. 

"The product which has really been selling well are our sunglasses, which are also made of recycled materials. 

Toothbrushes from Little Blue

Toothbrushes from Little Blue - Credit:  Little Blue

"Next up for us product-launch wise is going to be bibs which match the spoons and teethers. 

"It's been a lot of plates to spin, we both have full time jobs though I'm on maternity leave after the birth of our third child Teddy, and we're also trying to get this off the ground."