Contemporary arts and books store to open in Norwich

dna norwich

Inside DNA Norwich - Credit: DNA Norwich

A new art store is opening in Norwich. 

DNA Norwich is a new contemporary arts and books store opening on Bank Plain.

The family-run shop is all about celebrating printed material by creating a vibrant and energetic space that aims to challenge the traditional ideas of what a bookshop and gallery have to be.

The owners, Alex Bucklee and Daisy Thatcher, are from Norwich originally but recently lived in London. When they moved home, they realised they missed the galleries and bookshops of the East End.

Alex is an artist and Daisy is an avid reader, so they combined their passions to fill the void to create what they call 'a unique space in a unique city'.

They are seeking to evoke an emotional response and create discussion among customers, by presenting them with artwork and stories.

Keen on featuring emerging talent, DNA Norwich showcases the art and writing of less well-known creators.

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Both its physical and online stores open on Saturday August 14 at 9am.