Dad sells home-made candles after quitting day job to adopt

Dad and son Andrew Macey and Elliot

Andrew Macey and Elliot. Mr Macey gave up work and set up a business from home making candles to look after Elliot. - Credit: Supplied

It really was a sweet smell of success for a former HR employee from Norfolk who left his job to adopt a baby and set up a new business from home.

Andrew Macey of Norfolk Aromas

Sweet smell of success: Andrew Macey and his products at Norfolk Aromas. - Credit: Denise Bradley

Andrew Macey left his job at property consultants, Norse, to be a stay-at-home Dad for Elliot, now two.

But at the same time he set up a sideline in candle-making using fragrances from pic 'n' mix sweets.

Andrew Macey of Norfolk Aromas

Andrew Macey and his wax creations. - Credit: Denise Bradley

And with flavours ranging from sherbert lemon to cola cubes, rhubarb and custard, Parma violets to Gummy bears, they really do smell almost good enough to eat.

Mr Macey, who lives in Norwich, used to run an online sweet shop and one of the things he loved about the candy was the smell.

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He has now captured all those sweet fragrances along with other foodie favourites like cherry bakewell, salted caramel and blueberry muffin in his unique range of products at Norfolk Aromas.

rhubarb and custard wax melt from Norfolk Aromas

Looks good enough to eat but this rhubarb and custard fragranced wax melt is for smelling only. - Credit: Supplied

"I always enjoyed making my own candles and I've got around 80-90 different fragrances. I wanted to do something but at home so I could look after Elliot. I didn't want him to have to go to nursery several days a week.

Sherbert lemon drop wax melts from Norfolk Aromas

Sherbert lemon wax melts. - Credit: Supplied

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"It's busy as the candles have really taken off, I think because people are at home in lockdown more, they want it smelling and looking nice."

Norfolk Aromas products

The products from Norfolk Aromas - Credit: Denise Bradley

Mr Macey set up Norfolk Aromas in December and he says it's been a hit, now generating around a couple of thousand pounds a month.

Mr Macey gave up work after adopting Elliot with his partner Sam Thain.

Mr Macey also creates tinned candles in various fragrances including ones made from well-known perfumes, as well a 'clean and fresh' and 'fruity' range, along with his own diffusers, room sprays and hand washes.

Norfolk Aromas products

Some of the products from Norfolk Aromas - Credit: Denise Bradley

He started out making them from his kitchen but now has a room at home for the business and his products are being stocked by Elementals shop in Wymondham and at Redwings horse sanctuary.

His products are vegan friendly with environmentally friendly, recyclable packaging and he donates some profit to aid the LGBTQ community.  

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