Hair salon up for sale as boss accuses government of 'letting us fail'

Hair boss Jason Taylor selling the Kinki salon because of Covid

Boss of hair salon Kinki Boutique, who has been in business in Norwich for 26 years, is selling his premises because of Covid. But he has vowed his salon will continue even if it has to relocate. - Credit: Jason Taylor

The owner of one of Norwich's longest-running hair salons is auctioning off his premises for £400,000 because of Covid. But the business is continuing.

Boss of Kinki hair salon in Norwich, Jason Taylor

Salon boss Jason Taylor, who runs Kinki Boutique in Norwich. - Credit: Jason Taylor

Jason Taylor, who runs Kinki Boutique in Castle Street, vowed his business would continue but felt his industry had been badly let down.

"The government has basically decided that hairdressers aren't that important and are saying: 'Let them fail'."

Hair salon called Kinki in Norwich

The Kinki Boutique salon which is going under the hammer with Auction House in a livestream sale next month. The premises are for sale, but not the business which will continue trading. - Credit: Auction House

Mr Taylor, who first opened a salon in the Lanes in 1995, said because of being closed since Christmas, he had had to get a loan to cover his mortgage.

As a result, he is selling the mid-terrace building, where Kinki has been since 2007, with vacant possession. However, he said he would be prepared to lease it back from a buyer for £40,000 a year.

And he vowed Kinki, which he has grown from just two chairs to 17, would continue.

Interior Kinki Boutique hair salon in Norwich

Inside the Kinki Boutique hair salon. The premises are being auctioned in a sale by Auction House in March. - Credit: Auction House

It comes as hairdressers are appealing for the government to reduce VAT like other businesses in lockdown with a 'Save our Salons' campaign.

Australian-born Mr Taylor, said: "Covid has been a major factor in my decision to sell the building. But the business is not affected; Kinki Boutique Ltd will continue to operate regardless if we stay where we are or move to a smaller location.

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"I am positive about the future but I'm angry at the government. I find it insulting that it has decided which businesses take precedent over others. 

"I can see hair salons not being able to reopen until July. Running a business is hard enough but to be closed for nearly a year means you're going backwards.

"I’ve seen a huge change in not only the footfall but the shopping habits of people. It used to be that owning a salon was proof that you had made it in credibility whereas now social media helps you no matter where you are based.

"The cost of parking and lack of access by car into the city hasn’t helped either."

He added: "I've had two life threatening illnesses and was hit off my motorbike by a car. I know there is always another day if you battle through and stay positive."

Hair salons unite in fight

Bosses of independent hair salons met with Norwich South MP Clive Lewis recently to discuss VAT being reduced from 20pc to 5pc in the government's March budget.

Deb Dominic, owner of Hairsmiths, Timber Hill, leading the campaign, said: "More salons including freelancers barbers and those who aren't VAT registered need to write to their MPs to broaden the net."

Deb Dominic, who runs Hairsmiths. Pic: Deb Dominic

Deb Dominic, who runs Hairsmiths. - Credit: Archant library

To support the campaign click here 

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