Norwich City collectors will have the chance to pick up "rare and unique" player-owned kit as a market stall raises money for the Royal British Legion.

On The Stall City on Norwich Market will be selling a range of Canaries memorabilia including a rare poppy shirt worn by the team in the Remembrance Day match against Derby County during the 2016-2017 season.

Issued to former City defender Michael Turner, who did not play in the game, the shirt features a Royal British Legion poppy.

The shirt is extremely rare as they were never sold in the club shop, with the players' shirts auctioned off following the match.

Other items for sale on the stall include more pieces of kit, programmes and books.

Andy Bowles, who is part of the family team which runs the stall, said the signed shirt was the "centrepiece" of a wide range of items they will be selling on Friday, November 11.

"The Michael Turner shirt is the centrepiece of what we've got, but we've got an eclectic mix of stuff and all the money will be donated to charity," he said.

"Next week, we're picking up a load of club stock from over the last four seasons and we don't know what is in it so we're hoping we'll find some gems.

"That's the magic of the stall, we don't know what we're getting and usually we end up with some pretty rare stuff, we've had some really special collectors' items."

Normally the stall's proceeds are donated to the Community Sports Foundation but Mr Bowles said the team are trying to support a couple of different charity days each year.

The last charity day to raise funds for the Ukraine appeal saw the group collect almost £900.