Clothing brand Superdry has warned that its full year performance will be impacted by the warm weather this summer, as well as additional foreign exchange costs.

The brand has seen a fall in profits of £10m due to the weather, as well as an additional £8m in additional foreign exchange costs.

The company has stores in Norwich's Chapelfield, and in Colchester.

Superdry, which is known chiefly for its coats and jackets, makes around 45% of its annual sales from autumn/winter products.

Shares in the company dropped 22% in early morning trading.

The company anticipates investing £5m in accelerating growth, particularly in digital, during the second half.

It is also five months into an 18-month product diversification programme, which it says will balance out its reliance on winter sales with a bigger range of clothing items.

The group also pointed to the turbulent retail environment, noting 'well-publicised challenges' faced by some of its trading partners.

The collapse of House of Fraser in August left Superdry out of pocket by an estimated £236,000.