A Norwich shop window has been transformed as part of a new scheme to give small businesses a post-Covid boost.

Norwich Evening News: Coccolino owner Dorothy Thompson with the window display.Coccolino owner Dorothy Thompson with the window display. (Image: Supplied)

Children's clothing store Coccolino, Timber Hill, is one of 13 interactive window displays appearing across the UK.

Shop owner Dorothy Thompson first began Coccolino in 1988 from a small room in her house when her three children were babies. But as the business grew, she relocated into her existing premises.

Norwich Evening News: Dorothy Thompson, owner of CoccolinoDorothy Thompson, owner of Coccolino (Image: Supplied)

The new window display took inspiration from Mrs Thompson's childhood in Florida and her love of boats.

Mrs Thompson said: “It’s been amazing to see the local support from the Norwich community this last year and a half and I’m so thrilled to be open again and able to see my customers face-to-face once more.

"We’ve grown our online business even further during the pandemic to help weather the storm and now ship to more than 100 countries.”

Norwich Evening News: Coccolino in NorwichCoccolino in Norwich (Image: Supplied)

The windows are part of Facebook initiative encouraging people, via a QR code, to support their local stores online.

Steve Hatch, vice-president for Northern Europe, Facebook, said: "Our hope is that these transformations encourage people across the UK to continue supporting small businesses as things start to return to normal.”