Charity Alive UK has opened a clothes unit in Chantry Place shopping centre for Afghan refugees after being "overwhelmed" with donations.

The charity had previously announced its appeal for clothes to support the refugees resettling in Norfolk and it was inundated with donations.

Alive UK decided to open a unit where the Afghan community can feel cared for, respected and where they are given choice and control over what they wear.

For this reason, the clothes donated will be displayed on rails and hangers for them to try on when they visit the unit, which is open by appointment only.

Norwich Evening News: Donations at Alive UK, Chantry PlaceDonations at Alive UK, Chantry Place (Image: Alive UK)

Jo Thorne, chair of trustees and pastor of Alive Church, said: “We have been truly overwhelmed by the generosity and kindness of people in Norfolk who want to support the Afghans being resettled and have donated so generously.

"So many people want them to know how much they care and are welcome."

Alive UK has also had letters, some in Afghanistan's official language Pashto, as well as teddy bears.

The charity is no longer appealing for clothes due to the influx of donations.