A 25-year-old Norwich woman bounced back from losing both her jobs during lockdown with the launch of her own zumba and Pilates business.

Daisy Pearce, who is originally from Wigan, set up Daisy Gains in 2020 for women who do not feel comfortable going to the gym.

Miss Pearce lost her jobs at Gymbox and Frame in London as the world shut down due to Covid.

"To say I was a little bit distressed would be putting it mildly," she recalled.

"After the initial shock I decided I would try and use the training I had to be able to keep people moving in the crazy times."

Norwich Evening News: Daisy Pearce has set up her Daisy Gains Pilates and Zumba business during the pandemic periodDaisy Pearce has set up her Daisy Gains Pilates and Zumba business during the pandemic period (Image: Daisy Pearce)

Having originally set up a couple of live classes on Instagram, Miss Pearce saw the numbers steadily grow.

This led to the creation of Daisy Gains, in which sessions are run for women of all fitness levels over Zoom.

Miss Pearce said: "The lockdown was the best thing that could have happened for me as I have always wanted to work for myself and work online."

The instructor, who has a level three qualification in personal training and Pilates, said her classes are mainly for women aged 20 to 60.

Miss Pearce has enjoyed meeting new people and helping them understand how changing mindset and habits are key to success.

Reflecting on Daisy Gains so far, she said: "I am super surprised how far the business has come. I set this up in May 2020 and now this is my main income. So I definitely think it has exceeded my expectations."

The fitness instructor said being online has helped reduce the pressure on women to have great gym wear or having to rush to a gym before or after work.

Miss Pearce added: "I value positive mental health, physical fitness in all its various forms and being able to use what I have learned to help others improve their wellbeing.

"I am so passionate about this because I have been there.

"I have struggled with poor mental health, negative body image and emotional eating. I know how tiring it can be going around in circles and not feeling any success."

Visit www.daisygains.com to find out more.