Eating through a whole McDonald's menu isn't the average day job.

But that's exactly what Sam Elwin, workshop and social media manager at The Bodycentre, did in a bid to eliminate the fast food restaurant's waste across Cromer.

The Bodycentre, based in Norwich, teamed up with McDonald's multiple franchise owner Kevin Foley, who decided he wanted a mini electric vehicle (EV) truck for his new Cromer branch following a build up of rubbish in the area.

Mr Foley said: “McDonald’s is committed to fighting litter in our local communities and we are really happy with the difference we continue to make to ensure Cromer is an enjoyable place to live, work and visit. We are always looking for ways to reduce litter and I’d like to thank The Bodycentre for their creativity."

Mr Elwin said it ultimately came down to the individual" as to what they did with their rubbish.

He said the new vehicle was designed to look like a Happy Meal box as it was one of the fast food chain's "most iconic" products.

He said: "Kevin came to us with a Goupil G4 Cage Body and asked us to create something unique which he hoped would create a cleaner environment, and not produce any emissions in the process.

"At first, this seemed like an outlandish idea but the more we looked into the costs, the more it became a realistic and exciting prospect. We came up with the idea of the front LED "M" light which we felt rounded up the whole theme nicely," he went on.

The Bodycentre worked with a number of local businesses on the successful completion of the project such as Fabcon Food Systems, Unearthed Agency and Sign Force Ltd to help with different stages of the project.

He said: "Once the vehicle had passed its MOT, we thought it would be a great idea to take it out on the road and see people's reactions.

"We couldn't have been more pleased to have been involved in such a fantastic project."

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