People looking for a meat-free fast food fix in the city are in luck as a new vegan burger joint is set to open.

Hank's Dirty has announced plans to open in Norwich, bringing another addition to the growing number of vegan eateries here.

The location of the new restaurant remains a secret but it will be part of a new street food venue opening soon.

Norwich will be the fourth Hank's Dirty spot, alongside Ipswich, Colchester and Felixstowe, and the company is known for its burgers, kebabs and fried 'chicken'.

Co-founder Geoffrey Bligh said: "Norwich already has a great vegan food scene and we love visiting the market and the other great restaurants on offer.

"We've wanted to open here for a while but we wanted to find the right place and this will suit us perfectly.

"Hank's Dirty is all about 'naughty food' everyone loves but may struggle to find when vegan.

"We are really looking forward to opening and becoming a part of the city's community."