A bar owner in the heart of the city is hoping to tempt people back through the doors with an offer to win a wad of cash.

Andre Smith of Cans N Cocktails in Prince of Wales Road wants to "give something back" to patrons amid the cost of living crisis.

With the hope that the financial squeeze won't mean last orders for the city's pubs and clubs, Andre's idea is simple: people need to spend at the bar to be in the chance of winning £250.

The nightclub boss hopes the scheme will encourage more people to hit the clubs in Norwich.

Launching on Friday, punters parting with their pennies will be given a raffle ticket when buying their rounds - with winners picked out on a monthly basis.

The catch is that those with the purse strings have to spend a minimum of just £10 at the bar to be in with a chance of winning.

Andre said: "£10 is two of our cheapest cocktails. It's not a massive amount you have to buy. We're not encouraging irresponsible or excessive drinking.

"It's a bit of quirky fun - and added something when you're out and about."

It comes as Britain now has 20pc fewer nightclubs than when the first lockdown was announced in March 2020 - despite the government offering billions of pounds in grants and loans throughout the pandemic to support hospitality businesses.

"Covid and the cost of living is hard for everybody. People are cutting back on things they don't see as essential," Andre said.

"We hope that this can be a way of giving back a little.

"It's a way of enticing people back.

"There are noticeably less people about, or are about less often.

"People who we'd see every week are now coming out every fortnight because they can't afford it.

"And those who would come out once a month are now every two months. They're out now half as much as they were before.

"If we support them when they come out, they can support us to make sure the late night industry survives," he added.