Burglary warning to Norwich families

Jon WelchAs the weather gets warmer, police in Norwich are warning people to be careful about leaving windows and doors open.Jon Welch

As the weather gets warmer, police in Norwich are warning people to be careful about leaving windows and doors open.

Officers recommend that people get into a routine of checking that doors and windows are closed and locked when leaving their home, even if they will only be out for a few minutes.

They also advise that front doors should not be left unlocked even if you are only out for a few minutes, or are just outside in the garden.

Sheds and garages should be locked and alarmed where appropriate, and police suggest asking your neighbours to keep watch on your home while you are away.

They also warn that valuable items should not be kept on display or in view in your home.

Last year there were 33 fewer burglaries in Norwich than the previous year, which police attribute to many residents reporting suspicious activity, leading to the arrest of offenders and the recovery of stolen property.

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Det Sgt Robin Windsor-Waite said: 'Recently there's been a trend towards offenders entering properties that have been left unlocked. Quite often, just the kitchen or living room is entered and items like handbags, wallets, mobile phones and laptop computers are stolen.

'As we start to enjoy the warm weather we all need to be careful not to leave ourselves vulnerable by leaving doors and windows open - even when we're at home. I continue to be amazed by just how small some of the windows that they get through are.'

If you have any information on burglaries in your area you can contact Norfolk Constabulary on 0845 456 4567 in a non-emergency situation, 999 when a crime is happening or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111. For more information about local policing visit www.norfolk.police.uk.

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