LISTEN: “I’ve been thinking about being an MP’, says TV presenter Jake Humphrey

Jake Humphrey. Picture: Supplied by the Lord Lieutenants Office

Jake Humphrey. Picture: Supplied by the Lord Lieutenants Office - Credit: Lord Lieutenants Office

Television presenter Jake Humphrey has revealed he has been considering whether to stand as a Norfolk MP to ensure he has a lasting legacy beyond his media and charity work.

In a wide-ranging interview with the EDP, the 41-year-old also talks about being told he would never work for the BBC in sport, prior to becoming one of their main sport anchors, how social media leaves him feeling anxious, his praise for how Norwich City FC is being run and of his love for the county.

Mr Humphrey, who lives in Norfolk with his wife and two children, reflects on his life and career in the latest EDP Big Interview podcast with editor David Powles.

In it he tells what happened shortly after he lost out to fellow Norfolk presenter Simon Thomas for a role presenting Blue Peter.

He said: "I went to have a meeting at BBC Sport and met the head of talent there. She said to me that because I wasn't an ex-sportsman I needed to be a trained journalist to do the job. So I told her what I thought was a hilarious story about failing my A-levels in Norwich and being fired from McDonald's in Tuckswood for lack of communication skills. I thought that would be a good story to tell, but it didn't go down well.

"She just looked at me and said 'you will never work for BBC Sport'. That was only in about 2006/7 and I just thought 'I'm not going to take that'."

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Mr Humphrey went on to present several flagship sport programmes on the BBC, including Football Focus, Match of the Day and Formula One.

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Most recently he has been the main anchor for BT Sport's football coverage, building up a massive social media following. But he described social media as "the biggest source of stress and anxiety in my life".

He added: "I don't have an easy relationship with it. I feel like I need to do it because of the job that I do, but it's so easy for people to take something out of context or for you to type something hurriedly that you didn't quite mean.

"It's totally unforgiving and sometimes you feel like you're getting brickbats from every corner and you just want to huddle down under a hard hat and imagine it isn't happening.

"I don't envy my children having to grow up in a world where there is social media, yet at the same time I think it is one of the most exciting things going for us."

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In Norfolk Mr Humphrey fulfils a number of roles, including patron of Break charity and a trustee of the Norfolk Community Sports Foundation.

However, he said his work in the county might not stop there and, when asked if he'd ever consider being an MP, added: "I was thinking after the recent election that I would love to have a lasting impact and maybe being an MP is the answer or maybe it is the single most frustrating thing I could do and I wouldn't have an impact.

"At the moment I try to do everything I can but I think you're probably barking up the right tree, in that as I get older being a TV presenter is exciting but probably seems less important in the world we live in now and I would certainly like my legacy to be a lot more than 'oh that guy was a good TV presenter'."

Mr Humphrey also revealed his favourite Norfolk places in the podcast and called for everyone in the county to think about how they can do more to help the area thrive.

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