Broads pupils make model boats and then race them at Broadland High School in Hoveton

It was part of the Anglia Boatbuilders' Association's 2011 Model Boatbuilding Challenge and involved 100 children from Coltishall, Horning, Hoveton - St.John's , Rackheath & Tunstead schools.

The children built their own balsa wood model boats with the help of association members, and they were also given the chance to learn more about boat design and the local boatbuilding industry – with many of them visiting EC Landamore & Co and Windboats to see large luxury boats being built.

Alastair Clayton, deputy chairman of the ABA, said: 'Today's children rarely have the opportunity to learn about building balsa wood models just from drawings.

'The aim of the ABA with this project was to introduce youngsters to model making and to teach them a little about boats and boatbuilding in the hope that some of them may be inspired to work in the boatbuilding industry or to take up boating as a hobby.

'Judging by the looks on their faces as the boats take to the water we are confident that the project has again been successful.'

The project began in Coltishall in 2008 using a design produced by Andrew Wolstenholme, of Wolstenholme Yacht Design Limited.

This year Mr Wolstenholme produced a trimaran design with prizes presented by Mr Clayton for the best built model, the best designed model and the fastest at crossing Broadland High School's swimming pool.

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The pupils could also attend technology department demonstrations and use origami to make paper boats with Broadland High School teachers Adrian Wood and Will McMorris.

Jonathan Reeve, extended schools coordinator, Broadland Cluster of Schools, said it was a wonderful opportunity for pupils, and would remain with them for many years to come.

Prize winners: Best built model: Daniel Reeves of St John's Community Primary School & Nursery, Hoveton; Best designed model: Azure Keeble of Rackheath Primary School; Fastest model: Oliver Lane of St John's Community Primary School & Nursery, Hoveton, raced on his behalf by William Penney, St John's Community Primary School & Nursery, Hoveton.