Complaints over smoke and soot at popular Norwich pizzeria see changes made

George Colley at the Brick Pizza. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY

George Colley at the Brick Pizza. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY - Credit: Copyright: Archant 2016

Changes have been made at a popular Norwich pizzeria after complaints over smoke and soot from its chimney were made by market stall holders.

Brick Pizza Credit: Joshua Cooper

Brick Pizza Credit: Joshua Cooper - Credit: Archant

Norwich City Council said it had received complaints over smoke and soot relating to Brick Pizza, which is based just next to the market place.

At times, stall holders had said stock had become covered in soot.

George Colley, who runs Brick, said they had been working closely with the city council, and had made changes which had already seen an improvement.

He said: 'As soon as we were made aware by environmental health at the council, we have been taking measures to resolve it, which we have done, and we are optimistic it should be sorted.

Brick Pizza in Norwich. Photo: Joshua Cooper

Brick Pizza in Norwich. Photo: Joshua Cooper - Credit: Joshua Cooper

'We have changed our wood supplier, we have now got a cleaner briquette which is designed for pizza ovens, and we've installed an electric fan designed for pizza ovens, which has made a massive improvement.

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'We have been working with our neighbours - the last thing we want to do is upset people, we just want to make pizza.'

One stall holder, speaking on Wednesday, after the fan was installed on Sunday, said it appeared to have improved the problems, and said they were hopeful it had now been resolved.

They said the owners had addressed concerns quickly.

A Norwich City Council spokesperson said it had been 'working closely' with the owners over the complaints, which centred on smoke and 'small pieces of soot'.

'We have been working closely with the team at Brick Pizza to review options to resolve the smoke and soot issues raised and these investigations are ongoing,' they said.

Brick Pizza opened in 2015, after Mr Colley's initial attempts to secure a market stall were refused by the city council.

The business has since grown in popularity, becoming one of the city's best-loved pizza spots.

In January this year it announced it was launching a delivery service. It runs regular pop-ups and organises initiatives to support homelessness charities in the city centre.

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