Reader letter: Brexit is like Anglia Square

Anglia Square in Norwich. Picture: ANTONY KELLY

Anglia Square in Norwich. Picture: ANTONY KELLY - Credit: Archant

This reader has likened the ongoing Brexit battle to the redevelopment of Anglia Square in Norwich.

The more you look at the mess that the Brexit plans are stagnating into the more it appears to be taking the same path that the Anglia Square plans have taken over the years in that everyone wants something different to the ones put forward and nobody wants to make any concessions to the other side.

The decisions that have to be made are so important for everyone in this country that it must be one that will bring benefits to the majority and not the few and this can only be achieved by all our MPs for the first time ever to forget what party they represent and work together for the people interests in this country and not following their own party's agendas that have failed us all in our time of need.

They have all shown without exceptions that they cannot make an unbiased decision so any plan they come up with must be approved by another vote by the people, not necessarily one of in or out but one of their final plan and the people who vote will have to accept that they will not get everything they originally wanted.