Bracon Ash children enjoy Royal Wedding tea party

Little girls and boys dreaming of becoming princesses and princes had their wishes come true today when they took part in a very regal tea party.

More than 20 youngsters donned crowns and beautiful gowns as part of a celebration to mark Friday's Royal Wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton.

Seven local childminders came together in Bracon Ash, near Mulbarton, to hold the party which saw children dressed as kings, queens, princes, princesses, knights and even prime ministers. Adults also joined in the fun by dressing in red, white and blue.

The party took place under a romantic pergola covered in vines and wisteria and the children had the opportunity to enjoy cake decorating and hat making.

Childminder Donna Visiers said while some of the yongsters understood what the celebrations were for, others saw it as a fun excuse to dress-up for the day.

'Some of them know what's going on, mostly the older ones because we have talked about quite a bit. They do know it's a Royal party and they do seem quite excited about it all,' she said.