Boggles and Twiggles join Colman Junior pupils in the classroom

Class 5KJ at Colman Junior School in Norwich found themselves transported into a world of Boggles and Twiggles during a visit by Bewilderwood boss and children's author Tom Blofeld.

Tom, who built the successful adventure park on his estate at Hoveton and wrote the books that inspired its characters, dropped in for a literacy workshop.

His visit was a reward for pupil Jude Lince, who won a poetry competition in the summer.

Class teacher Katie Johnson said: 'Tom read some of his Bewilderwood books to us and we learned about Mildred and Swampy.

'They had been sent on a mission by the witch to collect something for a party; some had to venture to The Black Tangles and some to Broken Bridge. They faced lots of obstacles before returning to the Twiggles' village for the party!

'Once we had learned about some of these characters we incorporated them into our stories.'

She said the children had been thoroughly engaged throughout the workshop and loved creating their own stories.

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'They are looking forward to completing them and having their very own Bewilderwood story,' she said.

Kelcee, one of the pupils, said: 'Tom came in to talk to us about his books and thought it was a good idea to teach us how to write a superb book about Bewilderwood.

'We had to get some ideas about the creature we were going to make ourselves, we also had to decide the features of our characters, their appearance and personality.

'Tom started the book off wonderfully for us and we had to finish it off with our ideas. It was super-duper fun and I enjoyed it. We also had pictures taken with him and his puppets. I had a great time.'

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