Bo Nanafana back with swinging time

Abigail Saltmarsh Yee ha! Get those saloon doors swinging and those Stetsons spinning - the Bo Nanafana Social Club is back in town on Saturday, October 4.

Abigail Saltmarsh

Yee ha! Get those saloon doors swinging and those Stetsons spinning - the Bo Nanafana Social Club is back in town.

Yes, the ever-popular dance and cabaret night hits The Talk on Saturday, October 4, going Way Out West this time to offer its own take on the sounds of swing.

Now presenting its sixth extravaganza, the Bo Nanafana Social Club just seems to get bigger and bigger, with past events selling out hundreds of tickets and dozens more going to musicians, performers and crew involved in putting on the colourful affair.

Organised by Helen Stoneley and Tristan Roche, both from Norwich, the event was launched last year in a bid to offer the city a different sort of night out.

Since then, Bo Nanafana Social Club nights have been held every few months with numbers of partygoers swelling from 200 to more than 600.

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Helen said: “It's good to see how successful it is. I knew it would go down well, but it's great that people are really enjoying it so much.

“We always offer some fantastic live bands and DJs, as well as cabaret acts. People seem to appreciate the dancing and the dressing up.”

She said the events appealed people to a wide range of music and dance-lovers of all ages.

Each night had a swing element to it, but another theme was also brought in to shape the event and give people the chance to dress up.

“The last event was the Jim Jam Jump, which had a 1940s' and 50s' theme. This one is a Way Out West Bo Nanza - and will have a western feel to it,” Helen added.

Bands performing on the night include Dynamo's Rhythm Aces, who offer their own take on western swing.

A sizzling success at Glastonbury, the sharp suited, super slick trio describe their music as “deja voodoo spin,” and perform their own take on hits from bands as diverse as Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Motorhead, The Spice Girls, The Smiths and Ian Dury.

And they serve it all up skillet hot, in western swing and boogie-woogie style.

Also saddling up and taking to the stage will be The Henry Brothers.

Norfolk twins, these two only started performing as The Henry Brothers in early summer 2007, but have already made a name for themselves at the Brighton Festival, Glastonbury and Bestival.

Look out for swinging songs such as Long Black Veil, Bootleggers and Knoxville Girl.

Also taking to the stage to get skirts swishing and heels stomping will be Sun of Cash.

Yes, you guessed it, most of their music is Johnny Cash material, but to keep their audiences on their toes they also throw in a few numbers by other artists.

With a line-up that includes guitar, electric guitar and double base, they are known for getting their audiences singing, swinging and thumping the tables.

Then bringing a dance element to the night will be shimmying showgirls The Bees Knees.

Performing their own modern take on classic 1920s' dances, they have wowed audiences at Edinburgh, the Brighton Festival and Glastonbury.

With their sequins glinting and fringed hems swinging, they provide an act to add to the euphoric party atmosphere

Also hot footing it to The Talk will be DJ Lorngerie, who will be whipping up a storm in the Honky-Tonk Dance Hall, and The Shellac Collective, who'll be scratching out some swing-a-billy classics in the Mulberry Suite.

“There will be lots of entertainment going on,” said Helen. “Look out for Cheeky Pete, for example, who'll be riding into town, and many other maverick sideshows, including those Good Boppin' Gals.

“And pistol-packing mamas and papas can show off their gun-toting skills at the Saloon Bar Shootout, where there'll be a bottle of bubbly for the fastest gun in the Talk of the East!”

Helen urged all gunslingers and good time gals to book soon. A few tickets will be held back to be sold on the door but the rest are likely to be snapped up quickly. “We hope that all those who want to will dress up too,” she added.

“Think cow-pokes and cow-belles, medicine men and saloon girls - and come and shake a hoof with us next weekend at the Bo Nanafana.”

t Way Out West at the Bo Nanafana Social Club is being held at The Talk, from 8pm on Saturday, October 4. Tickets are £10 from The Talk (01603 660220) or from Black Lace, on Dove Street.


Spinning his sounds at the Bo Nanafana Social Club will be DJ78, aka Dave Guttridge.

Dave, a photographer by profession, has only been DJing for two years now but his success has seen him play at the Royal Academy during London Fashion Week and at the Dublin Fringe.

Dave, from Norwich, who will be arriving at The Talk hard on the heels of a stint in Paris, said word on his unique sounds and style has largely spread through word of mouth. He said: “It is pretty unique. I play my records on wind-up gramophones and they are all 78RPM shellac discs.” His obsession with 78s began 15 years ago when he and his wife bought a wind-up gramophone.

He also bought some old records to play on it and then realised he could mix them, and play non-stop, by using two turntables.

“It is an unusual sight. Children are particularly interested. They come up to look at what I am doing and find it hard to grasp the whole concept. It's so different to the way they are used to hearing music,” he said. Dave's massive collection of records now includes old swing, jazz, rock 'n' roll and anything up to about 1960.

“I'm particularly looking forward to this Bo Nanafana because I've got a big collection of old hillbilly and country and western music.

“It's just the right period - you can really hear how rock 'n' roll started,” he said.