Blame the wife Nick, how very noble of you

The couple have already checked out several schools, including a £30,000-a-year independent school, despite the fact that even Call Me Dave has insisted his daughter Nancy will go to a state school.

'I never have sought to impose a decision on my wife as well as my son for political reasons. I am a father before I am a politician,' he said.

This is the man who once condemned the gap in educational standards between private and state schools as 'corrosive for our society and damaging to our economy' – and he should know, he went to private schools. In short, Nick used to have principles until he decided that – with his massive income – it was a luxury he could no longer afford to have.

I'm not sure what I like best about Clegg's selfless admission: the bit where he admits he might bypass the lumpen proles and send his child to an elitist exam factory or the bit where he sidesteps responsibility by blaming his wife. I think I like them equally. Keep on keeping it real, Nick: we'll let you know how we feel about it all at the next election.