Biker crashed after skin full

Richard BatsonA motorcyclist who crashed the day after a 'skin full' at a bike rally has been banned from driving.Richard Batson

A motorcyclist who crashed the day after a 'skin full' at a bike rally has been banned from driving.

Jeremy Squirrell lost control of his 1,000cc Aprilla bike on a bend at Worstead and was knocked unconscious in the resulting accident, which did not involve any other vehicles.

Squirrell, 52, of Lower Barn Road, Sprowston, had 64mcgs of alcohol in 100mls of breath when tested by police The legal limit is 35. Officers also found two small amounts of cannabis in his bike panniers, prosecutor Gary Mayle told Cromer magistrates.

Squirrell told police 'I had a skin full last night and one tin this morning.' He had a previous conviction for being in drunk in charge of a vehicle which resulted in a six-month ban.

Claire Edgeler, for Squirrell, said he been to a bike convention, and drank into the early hours with other bikers at the camp site, before having another can when he get up around noon the next day.

The accident happened at 2pm on Station Road, Worstead when his bike hit gravel on a bend.

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'It did not occur to him he would be over the limit. If it had done he would not have put himself, his valuable big bike and other road users at risk,' she added. 'It was sheer stupidity and he is the first to admit it.'

Squirrell, a self-employed labourer, also admitted that without the drink he probably would have been able to stop the crash happening.

He was fined �150, and given an 18-month ban, reduced to 14 if he completed a drink--driver awareness course. He was also ordered to pay �85 in costs and a �15 victim surcharge, with no further penalties imposed for the �14 worth of herbal cannabis and cannabis resin found, for his own consumption, in a film canister.