Biba fever hits Norwich

When luxury fashion brand Biba closed its doors in 1975 it was a dark day for fashion.

From the early sixties the fashion label created by Barbara Hulanicki and her husband Stephen Fritz-Simon quickly became a global fashion phenomenon after one of their designs, a gingham dress complete with headscarf, was featured in the Daily Mirror and resulted in more than 17,000 dresses being sold.

The Biba look was high fashion at its best and if you had an item with the Biba logo on it you were one of the coolest fashionistas in town.

Now Biba is back and this time round it's just as fashion conscious and stylish as it was in the 60s and 70s.

The new 2010 collection is exclusive to House of Fraser and includes maxi dresses, tunics, city shorts, feather capes, fur coats and a gorgeous military coat that the Life Matters team is coveting. All of the pieces ooze glamour and are just as fashion forward as the original collection.

Life Matters is so excited about the beautiful clothes and jewellery that last month we offered you the chance to win �500 to spend at Biba in House of Fraser in Chapelfield. The winner is Christine Walker from Norwich who got to spend an afternoon with Lee Sinclair, the personal shopper at House of Fraser in Chapelfield.

Says Lee: 'Christine is conscious of her thighs, but she has a well defined waist and her top and bottom half are the same size which make her a desirable hourglass shape.

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'One of Biba's maxi dresses is ideal for Christine's shape as the empire line draws the eye to her slimmer waist and the fullness of the skirt skims across her thighs.

'When worn with heels, the dress will create the illusion of height, making Christine appear slimmer and taller.' To make Christine's makeover even more luxurious, Danielle from Saks hair salon on Orford Hill came to House of Fraser to style Christine's hair and Clarins in the beauty department were on hand to give Christine a makeover.

Says Danielle: 'The bob is a classic style that is once again a trend this season.

'Usually Christine wears her bob quite natural and straight.

'As we are creating a glamorous look for her I am going to straighten her hair using products that will make it sleek and straight. Backcombing her hair at the crown will give her style instant volume. Finishing her look with some shine spray will make her style shine making it the ideal evening look.'

Christine has been doing her makeup in the same way for years. She is comfortable with the colours and the products she uses, but at times she wishes she could change her look – she just doesn't know where to start.

'When I wear makeup I usually concentrate on my lips rather than my eyes,' says Christine.

'I feel that I don't make enough of my eyes but I'm not sure what colours to use or how to apply makeup on my eyes. I have never even worn eyeliner!'

To complement Christine's new evening look, we showed her how to create a classic smoky eye look that will accentuate her eyes.

After cleansing and moisturising the skin a foundation the same shade as Christine's skin was applied over her face. This created a flawless finish on the skin; an ideal base for makeup.

To add some colour to Christine's face a pink blusher was applied to the apples of her cheeks and blended outwards and upwards towards the hairline.

Her lips were kept natural with a Raspberry Sorbet colour lipstick.

With her makeup looking very natural and her lips soft, Christine could really go to town on her eyes. To create a smoky eye look you would usually pick three shades of the same colour eye shadow and apply the lighter shade across the lid up to the brow bone, the mid shade across the lid up to the crease and the darker shade in a 'C' shape on the outer edge of the eye lid and blend the colours together.

As Christine has smaller eyes, adapting the look by just using one colour and eyeliner would help open up her eyes to make them appear larger.

To create Christine's smoky eye look a mid grey eyeshadow was applied across the eyelid just beyond the crease line. To add definition charcoal eyeliner was applied along the top lash line in a line that became slightly thicker towards the outer edge. This was then blended in with the eyeshadow to create a smoky eye effect.

Christine's eyes were finished with black mascara to complete her look.

The verdict:

Says Christine: 'I was in shock when I heard that I had won the Biba competition as I never thought that my name would be picked!

'I usually shop at Wallis and Per Una so looking at a different brand was a lovely experience.

'My hair has never had so much body in it and it's so shiny and my makeup has given me a totally different look. I have never worn grey eyeshadow before as I didn't think that it would suit me, so trying something new has opened my eyes to other possibilities.

'I just want to say a really big thank you to the whole team. You were all lovely and really made me feel at ease.'

Special thanks to: Lee Sinclair, personal shopper at House of Fraser, Chapelfield – you can book a free styling appointment with Lee who will help you shop for your shape by calling 01603 691800 – Clarins in House of Fraser, Chapelfield and Danielle at Saks hair salon on Orford Hill. For appointments call 01603 230334.