Beer, boots, bats and giant vegetables - what to expect from Mustard TV this halloween

Halloween Fun on the set of the Mustard Show.

Halloween Fun on the set of the Mustard Show.

Giant veg was on the menu this week as one of our gardening gurus came in to tell us all about the gargantuan leek he's somehow managed to grow.

Halloween Fun on the set of the Mustard Show.

Halloween Fun on the set of the Mustard Show.


What have Beth Davison and a 34kg cabbage got in common? That's right, both were on yesterday's Mustard Show!

Fozz came in to talk about the best way to cultivate exotic orchids (and he did) but when we heard about the freak leek he's been hiding in his back garden, there was no stopping us.

Cue a chat – and quiz – covering the biggest growers 'n' show-ers out there, including (but not limited to) Norfolk man Ken Dade's massive marrow and a Halloween pumpkin that almost weighs a tonne! And speaking of Halloween – what a Mustard Show we have in store for you tomorrow…

37th Norwich Beer Festival in St Andrews and Blackfriars Halls. Photo: Bill Smith

37th Norwich Beer Festival in St Andrews and Blackfriars Halls. Photo: Bill Smith


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Now, when we told Dan Bancroft to 'spare no expense at all' getting together a costume for our end-of-week spooktacular we expected great things. Alas Dan went to no expense at all for the Halloween special, but the results were still terrifying in their own way!

I'm not sure Dan's weird hybrid of Count Dracula and one of Harry Enfield's scousers really passed for ghoulish garb, but Beth certainly got the fright of her life when she walked in on him in the dressing room. And the screams and scares didn't stop there. Tune in tomorrow to see: Mustard's two most muscle-bound males reduced to quivering wrecks as they face a blindfold creepy crawly challenge… AND… Mustard's very own Uncle Fester, Chris Bailey, treat us to some spooky historical tales…

There's also some top culinary tips for any kids wanting to whip up pumpkin soup or even some pumpkin and spider cupcakes! There's a Thriller of a dance routine that Michael Jackson would be proud of and vintage fashion with a Halloween twist from Karen James-Welton.

There's been loads to enjoy this week and much of it silly. We've all succumbed to the Halloween spirit(s), not to mention Dan's ridiculous Dracula hair piece (seriously, if you watch nothing else this week, watch that!). Maybe it's because half the Mustard office is ill, maybe it's because half the Mustard team is on holiday or maybe those of us left behind have been 'researching' this week's events at St. Andrew's Hall a little too thoroughly.

Whatever the reasons, this week's shows have been a lot of fun to make – we hope you enjoy them too.

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Never shy about getting in line when the free beers are being handed out, this week saw Mustard's 'patron of the past' bag the gig of his life.

His mission from the Mustard producers?

To explore the history and development of Norfolk's myriad microbreweries… With the famed beer festival back at St. Andrew's Hall this week, there was no better time to lift the lid on the burgeoning beer industry in this region.

And while Chris supped his way around some of those local breweries doing most to keep the county right at the top of CAMRA's good books, that silver fox from Bateman's Brewery, Nathan Wride, was back to take us right into the heart of the festival itself.

There's been lots of 'research' into local beer from the Mustard team this week.

For the best of all the team discovered to tickle adult taste buds out there, check out Monday's and Wednesday's Mustard Shows.


The best thing about being on The Mustard Show sofa every day is the amount of lovely people we get to meet. Norfolk is blessed with an abundance of local lovelies and on Tuesday's Mustard Show we had a bumper crop of people I just loved talking to.

There was Jack Dean, aka YouTube phenomenon 'Jaackmaate'. He describes himself as a 'ranty comic' but whatever he's doing, he's doing well, as his 140,000 subscribers will surely testify. He delighted us with tales of his spoof interviews with the likes of Leona Lewis and Norfolk girl-gone-glittery Caroline Flack. He's so good he's followed by people like Ricky Gervais on Twitter. And now he follows us @MustardTV. Result!

Reading pick of the week also came from one of Tuesday's guests: comedy dentist Barrie Lawrence. He's all set to release his second book, Licensed To Drill, and if the anecdotes he told us are anything to go by it should be a rollicking good read.


If you're tired of all this talk of Hallowe'en, why not sink your fangs into some informed debate instead. On This Week tonight Clare Precey and co are talking all about the Norwich Market and why, 10 years on from its revamp, one in five stalls still stands empty.

This Week airs every Thursday on Mustard at 6.15pm and 8.15pm. If you want to join the debate, get in touch @MustardTV using the hashtag: #thisweek


If you missed it yesterday, don't worry, there's still time. You can catch the final episode of Chris Bailey's Stately Homes of Norfolk series tomorrow on Mustard at 8pm. He finishes off his tour of these magnificent buildings with the jewel in the county's crown: Blickling Hall.

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