Beckhams’ Buckingham Palace party was celebrity bragging gone too far

Buckingham Palace in central London. Picture:: Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire

Buckingham Palace in central London. Picture:: Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire - Credit: PA

It appears that celebrity one-upmanship reached another level recently when the Beckhams' daughter's birthday party was held at the most prestigious venue in the country.

Yes you've guessed it, it was the one and only Buckingham Palace, the royal residence we pay to upkeep with our hard-earned taxes.

Moreover, this event was even hosted by the real life princesses, Eugenie and Beatrice.

'Now top that!' you could almost hear the Beckhams say. Victoria Beckham posted pictures of the proceedings on social media, with her daughter with a balloon inside the gates of the royal residence accompanied by the caption 'my little princess'.

It has all the hallmarks of a case of wealthy celebrities pushing the boundaries of royal etiquette; providing the ultimate one-off party that even their millions couldn't buy – but fame and royal connections who could.

I'm sure the Queen was not so amused though when she found out her precious palace home had broken with its royal protocol to tastelessly inflate the ego of wealthy celebrity parents.

Whatever next? A bouncy castle in the palace gardens? Hunt the thimble in the state banquet room? Musical statues with the Welsh guards or selfies with the Queen?

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It would have been more acceptable if a party had been held at Buckingham Palace for disadvantaged children or a charitable organisation.

Plus, it would have been better if we didn't know. In my view it was inappropriate and tasteless bragging.

After all, the closest most ordinary parents can stretch to for their little princesses is a dress-up party with Disney outfits and a 'Frozen' character cake. It doesn't mean they love them any less.

Think about it though. There have always been pushy parents around – the ones who stand out a mile at the school gates.

You know, the ones who think their child's a genius, and wangle a private audience with the headmaster because they are convinced their little star is the next Einstein because they are good with Lego.

Some expect their kid to be the next supermodel because they once came first in the bonny baby photo competition.

You even hear about parents moving house before they give birth to secure a place for their unborn in a prestigious state school. There are the mums who kit their daughters out with pink tutus and ballet shoes the minute they can toddle, with the belief their precious girl will join the Royal Ballet and become a prima ballerina like Darcey Bussell.

They are the same pushy mums who have stars in their own eyes, and dream of Hollywood.

They always manage to get their offspring prime parts in the school nativity, when the rest of us have to make do with having our kids being sheep or donkeys.

And then there's the pushy football dads, who spend their spare time on the sidelines at children's Saturday football, running up and down, egging their son on, arguing with the ref and putting them up to be mascot at Manchester United with the firm belief their boy is the next Ronaldo or Wayne Rooney.

There is nothing wrong with having aspirations for your kids, but most naturally find their own talent in the end.

There has to be a limit, though, to the lengths some celebrities go to push their children without them being ridiculed.