City beatboxer turned songwriter to release first solo album

Norwich beatboxer, singer, songwriter Josh Hyland aka Differential, is set to release his first live album

Norwich beatboxer, singer, songwriter Josh Hyland aka Differential, is set to release his first live album - Credit: Appleyard Fayre Banham.

A Norwich man who has been beatboxing since the age of 15 has turned onto a new track with the release of his first solo album. 

Josh Hyland, who goes by stage name Differential, will release his album at the end of the month.

The 29-year-old from Bowthorpe said: “I started beatboxing when I was a teenager and at that point it was just a hobby.  

“But when I was 19, I wanted to properly get into the music industry and I used beatboxing to do so.” 

And having formulated a 10-minute performance the artists started taking on gigs all over Norfolk and Suffolk. 

But simultaneously he was working on a new sound, he said: "I was writing songs, playing guitar and learning to find my singing voice."

Differential has performed all over the uk. 

Differential has performed all over the UK. - Credit: Elizabeth Reynolds

Josh released his first EP at the age of 21 called #bealittledifferent which was launched at EPIC studios with support from Kolin Durier and Freya Roy. 

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“Since that release, I have been gigging all over the country," he said. 

"But I have never truly had an album where people can listen to what I write and listen to me as an original artist.  

“So, after a fair few people requesting I do so, I took the time to record a live album which means it's not heavily produced and hasn't been recorded in a studio, which gives the listeners a feel to what I would sound live.” 

The live album is called "Evolution" and it is an evolution of Differential both as a person and as an artist.  

And now the beatboxing aspect supports the singing side when he performs live.  

Differential is ever ready to beatbox to the right crowd. 

Differential is ever ready to beatbox to the right crowd. - Credit: Queens Head Ramsgate

“However, I still have my beatbox set handy if I am at certain venues with the right audience,” he added.  

And fans need fear not as the album will also feature Differential's beatboxing talents, including a beatboxing intro on the first song.  

Some of the tracks also have a beatboxing loop which artists such as Ed Sheeran have used in their music.  

The album will be available on October 30 on all major streaming platforms.  

To find out more about Differential's music, follow him on social media @DifferentialUK 

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