'Most people think I'm ditzy'-Beat The Chaser star speaks after success

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Hannah McCormack from Norwich is pictured during Beat The Chasers with host Bradley Walsh - Credit: ITV

After winning £15,000 on a hit ITV quiz show, a Norwich woman has revealed what she will be spending her reward on. 

Hannah McCormack, a delivery driver, appeared on Beat The Chasers, which is hosted by Bradley Walsh, on Thursday night

Miss McCormack, who was born in Stockport but has now settled in Norwich, plans to use the winnings to pay off some debts and add another motorbike to her garage. 

She also hopes to buy her own kayak to take onto the Norfolk Broads if there is enough funds leftover. 

Miss McMormack took part in a Q&A which can be read here: 

Why did you sign up to Beat The Chasers?

I enjoy watching quiz shows, The Chase being my favourite, but Beat the Chasers is a whole other level that I thought would be the best way I could challenge my knowledge against some of the best quiz brains in the world.

Did you have a strategy in mind? Did you know how many you'd choose to face before you went there?

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I had hoped to face all five [Chasers], my only strategy was to answer all five Cashbuilder questions right to get the best offers but I only managed four.

Hannah McCormack from Norwich will go against the Chasers this evening 

Hannah McCormack from Norwich went against the Chasers - Credit: ITV

Was there anyone you wanted to face or didn't and why?

I wanted to face Shaun [Wallace] as I have a soft spot for him as our banter showed. However he was the fifth chaser and the time advantage wasn’t worth risking to go away with zero cash.

What was it like when you were answering the questions? Did you keep an eye on the clock and how did you feel when you won?

I was looking to the side of Bradley at the lights and completely zoned out everything around me.

I can only remember three answers I gave but not the questions. I have no idea what the Chasers' questions were at all.

Not looking at the clock, the only reason I knew I'd won was because of the music and Brad throwing his arms upwards. I was so happy, especially to beat the three I did because they are all on top form at the moment.

Has it sunk in yet? Can you believe you beat the Chasers? 

I keep beating myself up about missing the fifth Cashbuilder question because of the offers I might have got with all five correct.

I did believe I could beat some of the Chasers and I was so chuffed when I did, because I still had my time advantage left on my clock when I won.

How will your friends/family react? Are you looking forward to watching?

I'm not sure how they'll react. I only told my best friend I was going on. I think they'd be chuffed and probably surprised because most people think I'm ditzy! 

Beat The Chasers concludes on Friday, May 7 at 9pm on ITV and ITV Hub.