Be a part of Norwich’s living history

The Norwich Living History Group wants your memories of the city. Derek James reports.

Your memories are important and many of you are making history come alive by working with the Norwich Living History Group.

Since being set up three years ago with the aim of recording the memories of the people for posterity, this group has played a leading role in so many lives.

It has carried out about 160 recordings, all of which will be stored in the Norfolk Sound Archive.

It has also produced two splendid books – Norwich Memories and Memories of Norwich: In Our Own Words.

Both are on sale in the city and both are well worth buying. They offer a genuine slice of city life over the decades... told in the Norwich way.

And they are a great opportunity for the people themselves to talk openly about what life was really life in the city during the 20th century.

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This is living history, 'warts 'n' all', and is highly informative and entertaining.

Now the group is looking for more volunteers to come forward. People who are interested in carrying out interviews with people and hearing their memories so they will recorded forever.

'It also means becoming part of a 'community' which aims to express the esteem in which we hold the older citizens of Norwich by listening to, valuing and recording their memories,' said chairman Sarah Housden.

These rare pictures on the left show the 'village on the hill' between Ber Street and King Street before the community was destroyed in the name of progress.

There was a time when this area was home to thousands of people with pubs, shops, schools and factories and there is still a special bond between the people who lived on the hill. It holds so many memories.

Anyone interested in joining the group as a volunteer, sharing their written memories or recording their life story, should contact Sarah on 01603 439730 or via