BBC presenter to put YOUR questions to EDP and Norwich Evening News editor in online special

A previous EDP and Evening News online debate. Photo: Zoom

A previous EDP and Evening News online debate. Photo: Zoom - Credit: Archant

The editor of the Eastern Daily Press and Norwich Evening News will take your questions about local media as part of a special online Q&A session and debate.

Chris Goreham, of BBC Radio Norfolk Picture: Submitted

Chris Goreham, of BBC Radio Norfolk Picture: Submitted - Credit: Submitted

To coincide with the 150th anniversary of the EDP and as part of Journalism Matters week, David Powles will be on hand to discuss a range of issues about the newspapers, our websites, our future plans or issues happening in our region.

As part of #trustednewsday day, a special 45-minute online webinar will be held from 3pm on Thursday, October 8 and hosted by BBC Radio Norfolk breakfast show presenter Chris Goreham.

It comes on the back of one of the most challenging periods in this newspaper’s history as the coronavirus pandemic meant the newspapers had to be produced entirely from people’s homes for the very first time. Despite the many complications caused, every edition of the paper hit the streets.

Meanwhile, the local media industry is in a really fascinating position as it contends with the dual challenge of producing fantastic newspapers, alongside websites, video content, podcasts and more, all of which are enjoyed by an increasing number of people. Archant, the owners of this newspaper, has recently announced new owners in London-based Rcapital Partners, which will take a 90pc stake in the business.

Editor David Powles. Photo : Steve Adams

Editor David Powles. Photo : Steve Adams - Credit: Steve Adams

Mr Powles, who has been editor of the brands since 2017, said: “I know from first-hand experience that our readers feel a real association and ownership of these much-loved brands so I’m hopeful they will come up with lots of challenging and interesting questions.

“Over the last 12 months we have been increasingly keen to find new ways to involve readers in our work, firstly through open house events, then in-house debates, which have recently had to move online due to the pandemic. It seems only natural that eventually we turn the spotlight on ourselves and give people to ask whatever burning question they’ve always want answered.

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“I’m really looking forward to an interesting discussion and finding out what it’s like to be the one facing the questions for a change.”

If you would like to submit a question for the debate or receive a link and details of how to join in, email