Back to school and back to bootcamp for Norwich mums

Parents who struggle to find time to get fit have a helping hand thanks to a back to school bootcamp in Norwich. EMMA HARROWING reports.

You have been running around after your kids all summer and when they go back to school next week your routine will probably still be centred around your children.

A parent's job is never done. Whether you are ferrying them to school, football or dance practice, making sure that they finish their homework or tidying up after them you can be hard pushed to find time for yourself. This is especially so if you have a six month to three year old to look after.

This is where a new exercise class comes in. BabyFit Bootcamp uses techniques from yoga, pilates and fitness routines to help mums get back into shape.

The class has been set up by mum of two Debbie Bagley from Blofield.

'I've been teaching fitness for over seven years. I started teaching Baby Fit postnatal classes for mums with tiny babies at Thorpe St Andrew after I realised how hard it is to shift your baby weight,' says Debbie, who is mum to three year old Ruby and five month old Lauren.

'The class is specially designed for women who have given birth. All women will benefit from the exercises as we safely and effectively strengthen all the bits that are stretched during pregnancy and childbirth, focusing especially on the core.

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'We finish with a thorough stretch to lengthen our muscles and chill your mind, leaving us in the perfect place to enjoy the rest of the day with your family.

'Although these new classes are for mums more than six months postnatal and there is no upper age limit – it doesn't matter if your 'baby' is 25!' The classes focus on building strength from the inside out, which Debbie says is especially important for new mums before they can move onto harder exercises such as high impact aerobics and sit-ups.

'I know from my first pregnancy how important it is to work the insides thoroughly before starting sweaty exercise,' says Debbie.

'Having to wear an incontinence pad while teaching a fitness class doesn't feel great!

'However, now I'm feeling stronger I want to safely kickstart my fitness again and I know there are lots of mums out there who feel the same.

'When you have a young family it is hard to find the time and the energy to exercise, but if you have a baby you can bring them along to the class too.'

Norwich mum Diane Rix took part in the pilot BabyFit Bootcamp earlier this year. She found it a great way to kickstart a new fitness regime.

'Halfway through the course I started to notice a real difference,' says Diane.

'My legs turned into powerhouses and I lost half an inch off my thighs and arms, an inch off my hips and two inches from my waist. I looked more toned too. The sessions are quite hardcore and you think that you can't carry on, but you only ever have a few more seconds before you change exercise.

'It really pushes your limits but you feel amazing afterwards,'she adds

Debbie says: 'The bootcamp starts in September so while kids are getting ready to go back to school you can get ready to go back to bootcamp to kick start a new exercise regime.'

The next round of BabyFit Bootcamp runs from 9.30am to 10.30am on Sunday at the Oasis Sport and Leisure Club in Pound Lane, Thorpe St Andrew. To book, or for more information, visit the website at